Definition of the Church

The Church Is God’s Missionary Community / People To The World.

HPC Mission and Vision

The Great Commission. God’s people working together to win all people to Christ – making Disciples of nations / people groups.
For every member / attendee* of HPC to be equipped, actively seeking to live out and share their faith / Jesus – proclaiming the Greatness and Glory of God.
  • To be God’s Missionary Community / People to the world.
  • To know Christ and to make Him known.
* Members / attendees are all who want to be involved in the life of God’s Church here at HPC

The Ministry Team

Our Ministry Team consists of Reverends, Pastors, the Music Coordinator and the Session Clerk.


The Session / Elders

These are the active Elders.


The Stewardship Committee

This committee comprises two Elders, Reverends, Session Clerk, and two members of congregation.

Our Elders