Action Teams are small groups which meet in the leader’s home once a week. HPC has 10 groups which meet in members homes across Harare on a Wednesday evening. There are also 7 bible study groups which meet either morning or afternoon at various venues.

We encourage all our members and attendees to join a small group so they can grow spiritually in a secure environment. This is also where our members form relationships with fellow believers and where they are cared for and loved.

The church has a resource library for the benefit of the leaders of these groups but we do encourage teaching and learning straight from God’s Word.

Further information on these groups can be obtained from the church office.

The central duty of Christ-followers is to reach the lost and share the Good News of salvation through Jesus. Here are some of the practical opportunities for members of our community to fulfil the Great Commission with us:

  • Siabuwa
  • OM partnership
  • Church planting
  • Alpha
  • 1st Gear
We believe in family-centred faith in Jesus Christ. There is no point in coming to church on a Sunday and smiling at everyone while things are falling apart at home. Christ should be the head of the home and these programs are offered to ensure that everything else flows out of a strong Godly marriage.

  • Marriage preparation
  • Marriage enrichment
  • Parents of children
Jesus had a particular heart for children – if our community is to remain healthy and growing, care must be taken to model and teach the bible to children of all ages. To this end relevant, fun-filled activities and meetings take place within our community on a weekly basis.

  • Tots Church
  • Junior Church
  • Triple T’s – teenagers, twenties, thirties:
  • Youth
  • Confirmation
  • School crusades
Warriors, that’s what we are. The Men of Highlands meet and fellowship together to understand and explore our potential to be the warriors God intended us to be. Be it a breakfast gathering on a Saturday morning or challenging ourselves on one of our camps we understand that God needs Men that are prepared to stand up and be counted. We encourage all Men to be part of what we do, to actively be seeking God and His will for your life. Come join us and get involved…
  • Men’s breakfast
  • Camps
The women at HPC pray regularly and meet to coordinate and assist I various areas as well as to study the Word of God and grow in unity and faith.

  • Christian Women’s Fellowship (CWF) Nearly thirty years ago a group of Highlands ladies became aware of a gap in the various ministries of our church. There were a number of groups working tirelessly towards meeting the practical needs of our church, but, apart from the Sunday services, no other spiritual guidance was provided.

    So the Christian Women’s Fellowship was founded; the main purpose being to provide spiritual food over the breakfast table, and to nurture unity. active involvement and commitment to the Body of Christ (His Church). As a group we promote compassionate outreach, encouragement and fellowship among the ladies of Highlands. Over the years monthly breakfasts have extended to annual Retreats, where we can go apart together away from our busy lives and meet with our Lord in peaceful and quiet surroundings. Many close and lasting friendships are formed as we meet together and share our joys, our sorrows and worries over our families.

    Always we have been conscious of the Holy Spirit among us guiding and encouraging us through the many wonderful speakers who have been willing to bring us God’s Word. Our theme song says it all as we sing together: “All over our church the Spirit is moving…”.

  • Women’s Association (WA)
  • Women’s Fellowship (WF)
Men’s camps, Ladies Retreats, youth camps and various other events take place at venues around the country throughout the year. These experiences are vital to the life of the body of Christ and are central in building relationships and enjoying the company of fellow believers.

  • Leadership
  • Elders
  • Committees
  • Ministry – pastoral, worship (music)
  • Volunteers and helpers
  • Men’s
  • Women’s
  • Family
  • 3T’s
It is on the hearts of the care ministry at Highlands Presbyterian Church to provide the necessary care and support required by many in our congregation. There are many who are elderly with no family in the country, sick, unemployed, depressed, lonely, in hospital needing a visit, having babies, bereaved or just requiring assistance with transport and meals, or requiring some advice on a confidential matter and need someone they can confide in. It is the intention of the care ministry to provide this assistance.

This ministry is co-ordinated through the church office but in order for it to be successful and beneficial to our members we do need the support of care givers i.e. those who have the gifts and calling to provide this care. At the same time we also need to know of those who are requiring care.

We intend to be a wide ranging care ministry and if you feel it on your heart to assist in any way please contact the church office.

  • Care groups
  • Basic Bank
  • Prayer chains
  • Just Friends
  • Counseling