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Day 29: Drug Abuse

“Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage”, Gal 5:1

Drug abuse

  • Ranks with heart disease and cancer as one of the world’s three major health problems
  • Is responsible for 50% of all motor vehicle accidents, 80% of all home violence, 30% of all suicides, 60% of all child abuse and 65% of all drowning

Drug, alcohol and Substance abuse

Drug abuse which is known to permeate Hollywood and celebrity culture often ends in deadly tragedy. These men and women live in the spotlight, entertain, and then retreat to the solitude and emptiness of addiction. They fill their veins with poison, hoping it will remove the emptiness that wealth and worldly pleasure cannot fulfil. Sadly, too many show up as a headline of another victim of drug use.

But the abuse of drugs is not limited to the world of celebrities alone. Many people within the middle-class and poor suburban towns equally struggle with addiction to substances. Even though no headline is made when one among them loses that fight, their loss is no less tragic.

As Christians we may be tempted to stand aloof and speak in judgement and goodwill, “If only they knew Jesus.” Yet drug abuse is not the domain of the non-believers alone. Christians who experience the ravages of substance abuse often do so in shameful isolation, afraid to share their burdens with fellow church members because of the stigma attached to abuse and addiction. This experience of isolation is both tragic and ironic since the basic issues of recovery fall squarely within the life of the Church: repentance, turning life over to God, honest self-assessment, responsible living and spiritual devotion.

Recovery is a spiritual process. Churches are be uniquely equipped to minister to recovering persons and their loved ones. Congregations can provide a caring community that fosters acceptance, nurtures self-worth, offers forgiveness and reconciliation, and supports spiritual healing and growth.

Action points

Helping people with drug abuse and addiction problems is one of the most overlooked mission field.

Many drug addicts view Christians and the Church as too judgemental. They have hope of redemption but don’t think it is to be found within the corridors of the Church.

Pray that Churches feel both the obligation and seize the opportunity to minister to substance abusers and their families.

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