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HPC partners with Miracle Missions to improve livelihoods

Miracle Missions Trust (MMT), in partnership with the Highlands Presbyterian Church is a non-profit organisation which works in five main areas being Persons with Disabilities, Civil Service, Life & Hope 4 Kids, Clean & Green, and Senior Citizens all working towards community development. All the programmes are self-help, designed to urge people to reach their potential; to encourage them to become sustainable within their own households.

MMT has a broad network across the country and believes in working together to make positive difference in addressing the needs that our communities face. Through our partners’ support we receive goods in kind such as food items, clothes, stationery, household items, blankets etc. We in return distribute these items to the needy people in the different communities.

The networking meetings, which take place at the Highlands Presbyterian Church are outlined below:

1st Tuesday of every month—Waste Management Networking Meeting
Members meet to discuss issues on how to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste. Major stakeholders who attend to relevant queries from members are officials from City of Harare and Environmental Management Agency. These officials also do presentations to educate and inform members on the issues pertaining to Waste Management in the country.

2nd Tuesday of every month—Persons with Disabilities Networking Meeting

Members meet to discuss issues relating to different challenges faced by Persons with Disabilities. Influential officials with decision making power positions are invited to inform and educate persons with disabilities on their rights and also listen to their concerns. Persons with Disabilities who have made it in life are also invited to share their experiences to inspire others. MM also facilitates self-help projects training to these members so that they can be self-sustainable.

Last Thursday of every month—Civil Service Networking Meeting
Members meet to discuss challenges faced by prisoners and ex-prisoners, and find possible solutions to help them. Major stakeholders include Zimbabwe Prison Services, Zimbabwe Republic Police, Zimbabwe Prison Fellowship and non-governmental organisations.

Last Tuesday of every month—Life &Hope4Kids Networking Meeting
Members meet to discuss and learn on how to effectively run their organisations and caring of orphans and vulnerable children. Qualified different professionals are invited to give presentations to educate, inform and enhance members’ knowledge and skills in caring for orphans and vulnerable children. MM also facilitates self-help project training for these members so that they can self-sustainable.

Twice a year—Art and Craft Fair
MM coordinates and facilitates an Art and Craft Fair for members to exhibit their wares. This is an opportunity to promote the dignity and self- worth of members by showing to the general public their talents and abilities. There is a general misconception that vulnerable groups like persons with disabilities are beggars and are not capable of earning a living. This Fair provides an environment where they can participate as valued members of the society, boost their self-esteem and give them social capital and status that everyone deserves.

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