Siabuwa Foundations for Farming training

Dear friends in Christ

We are happy to report to you that HPC was able to carryout its first training at the Siabuwa Community Training Centre. We carried out a Foundations for Farming training last month from the 26th-29th September at the centre. The Centre is near completion but it is now usable. Just the final touches such as painting remains.

The first day of training was kicked of with a surprise visit from our Minister Rev. Mark Phillips who visited Siabuwa. We had a group of 60 people, 20 from each of the 3 wards that the chief Siabuwa rules. The people in Siabuwa are thirsty for knowledge. We had hot temperatures between 38 – 40 degrees during the day, yet the participants never showed signs of tiring as they were taken through subject after subject of how to farm the way God designed it. The program comprised of why Africa is poor – failing to be faithful with the little that God has given to them; Basic agronomy; how to do vegetables; making a compost; doing a pfumvunza plot (39m x 16m), Farm calendar and planing and pets management.

We were able to introduce container gardening which was taught by Bruce Elliot and the women of Siabuwa loved this one. They do all the work of fetching water everyday and just by knowing that they can have a garden without having to go and look/fetch more water was so attractive to them. Water is the major obstacle in Siabuwa. Animals and people are competing for the scarce resource and since the people of Siabuwa invest in cows and goats this is creating a huge shortage of water in the area as people and animals jostle for little water available.
We provided meals for the participants , breakfast (Tea & bread) and lunch and supper of Sadza and goat meat for relish.

We took the opportunity to preach the good news to them and showed the Jesus film in the evenings. Thank God the Centre is already proving to be a tool to spread the good news. See some photos of the training in progress.
The Chief also came and addressed his people, motivating them to go and practice the methods of farming to reduce hunger. All the participants received participation certificates from FfF Training team to motivate them.

The participants agreed to go and do a pfumvunza plot (39m x 16m) in their field and have 10 people each to help and teach how to do a pfumvunza plot. We are looking forward to seeing these massive pfumvunza plots in this coming season and how God will use the situation to bring light to the people of Siabuwa.

Praise God for a vision that is becoming a reality.